Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sick mothers

I step out of my sick room and survey the house. It is trashed. What could I expect with three children who have no direction for almost a week? The oldest has been wonderful taking care of meals and bringing me tea and such, but running a household is just too much for her slim shoulders.

It takes a good hour to get everything picked up and put back in order. Then the cleaning begins: yellow toilets, sticky floors and a poor parrot's cage that is disgusting. After two hours of cleaning, with me giving directions to the children, the house is looking normal.

Laundry. Wow, what a mess. Even with my mother's help it is a mess. It takes another few hours to sort it all out, get it to the proper rooms and start in on the pile that never ends.

I stand back and survey the house. It is in order and smelling clean. And I wonder...how do mother's with young children do it? How did I do it when they were younger? It seems as life goes on, memories fade. We live in the present and forget the past. Perhaps that is the way it should be.

My thoughts and good wishes go out towards all those mothers and fathers with little ones at this time of widespread flu and I hope for health for all of you.

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