Monday, May 7, 2012

Time4Learning Review

So, this was totally different for me. Reviewing curriculum instead of books. I thought it would be pretty cool to get a free month and try out a computer based curriculum and I'm glad I did.

My son actually laughed. Daily. Over language arts!!! He doesn't like to do any school, unless it's science; Physics to be exact, although he loves creating different concoctions with Chemistry. But I heard him laugh. And I didn't have to be the main one getting him to do punctuation. I also didn't have to worry that I'm missing some key component of grammar.

I like the language arts and math portions. He liked the LA and math as well. It wasn't as hard to get him to do his school work during the days we used it. He retained-which is super-important. I gave 'em my credit card to continue the program.

We didn't care for the history or science portion. Partly because there was a bit of reading and he hates when he has a lot to read. If they pages would've been read to him, he would've liked it more. There were things I liked about it, but the current curriculum I use for those subjects work for us better. We didn't try the art.

I found the web-site very easy to navigate and want to figure out how to do the lesson plans. This trial period came when I was planning and catering my middle child's Bat Mitzvah, (for those who aren't Jewish, think of planning a wedding) so I wasn't able to give much time to learning the program. But it did turn out to be a life saver during this busy time, and was so simple to get started, many brain cells were saved.

Bottom line, we'll be using Time4Learning for our LA and math until he starts Cyber School this fall with the public school system. It's a stop-gap right now and if I weren't going with GCA, I'd continue with T4L. In fact, if I ever need it, T4L would be great to support concepts with public school.

If you want to know more, check out Time4Learning.

I guess this can be considered a paid review, but an unbiased one. The opinions are solely mine. Time4Learning had no input here.

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