Monday, July 26, 2010

Family, friends and writing

I always find it interesting when the subject of my writing comes up. So many are impressed I get paid for freelance work. I don't find that impressive. But what really is interesting are the comments I get when someone finds out I write fiction.

I always get the question, "So, do you have an editor yet?" My reply, "Um, no. I need an agent first." *weird look like I'm crazy*


"How's the book going?" Me: "Which one?" Them: "You have more than one?" Me: "Uh, yeah."

At this point I have to decide if I will tell them about the newest book. Is it worth it? I'm thinking not.

I went to a baby shower yesterday and was around a lot of family. Found out my favorite cousin has written two books over the summer. So when I told her mom that I was writing too her first question was, "Are you published?" A common question, to which I always reply, "Not yet." I used to explain the steps to getting published but after watching eyes glaze over, I stopped.

My mother, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with my writing. Her only question is, "You aren't putting sex in those books, are you?" I figure one day she'll walk into a bookstore and see my book, buy it and find the sexual stuff. I hope to see her face when she does.

So many people are well-meaning. I've been told the sites I can go to that will publish my book for me. I've also been given the names of small publishing houses to send my book to. I've been told how many agents JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Stephen King and the dude who wrote, Zen and the Art of Motorcycles queried. And I appreciate all of it, dearly.

The fact is I'm taking my time. Researching agents, querying in small batches and writing more while I wait. I'm positive one of the books I write will snag an agent. And I know that it will happen when it's supposed to happen. I'm sure about that. Once that happens there will be deadlines to meet and I will no longer be able to be laissez-faire about my writing. It will become a job. I look forward to those days but am able to rest in the present and enjoy the journey. I also live vicariously through my friends. (I can't wait to go to the bookstores next year and place my friends' books in prominent places ;)

Through it all my husband has been very supportive. I don't know what I would do without him. I also have my group of writers that I can chat with. They have kept me going. This is important: having someone in your corner throughout it all, someone who understands. That is perhaps the biggest piece of advice I can give. If you need someone I suggest looking at Absolute Write or one of the other writer's forums. It's the best thing I ever did as far as my writing is concerned.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What do you think when you see this cartoon? Someone jacked up on caffeine? A person in the midst of writer's block? A writer finishing a manuscript? Stress from a deadline not being met? The picture comes from here and it is supposed to be a contented writer.

I'm not going to blog about that article, I just loved the cartoon. What I want to blog about today are the emotions that go along with writing because this is a very emotional business. Here are some thoughts: if I could only finish this manuscript, if I could only finish these revisions, if I could only get requests, if I could only get an agent, if I could only go on sub, if I could only get a deal, if I could only finish these editor revisions, if I could only like my cover, if I could only get on the shelf, if I could only sell enough books to earn my advance, if I could only write another starts over, minus finding the agent, hopefully.

It never ends. Ever. Unless one decides to stop writing. Even if one becomes the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, he still has to come up with new ideas and write more books. Some pressures and "if onlys" go away or change into other "if onlys" and new pressures, but it is an ongoing cycle.

Writing suits me. Being an only child, I had to have an active imagination to keep myself company, plus I've always lived in a fantasy world of one type or another. The entire publishing industry fascinates me and I'm enjoying every step and each new thing I learn. There are times I just want to give up. Times I look at my wips and hate them, or am tired of the characters. There are times I'm discouraged, times I'm happy and times I'm just blah. But I continue on because writing is an outlet for my creativity and a way to stretch my mind. And I have a reason to consume massive amounts of chocolate.

What emotions do you feel during the writing process? Do you ever want to burn your manuscript? I wish you the best of luck in your own writing journey.

Side note: I totally swiped this from GotYA. Recycling is good and I wanted it on my own blog :) Plus I wrote it so it's not stealing. And I'm totally desperate to have a post for July. July is very, very lonely. My followers need to see I care enough to post.
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