Friday, October 30, 2009


Wow, I am getting excited about NaNo. Somehow I have to write around 1700 words per day. I have no idea how I'm going to do that - might as well pull out my eye teeth. But wait, it's all about positive thinking, right? So I am putting Judgement on hold - I hope Jefferson stays quiet for the next month. And River is already on hold although Maia wants to wake up.

What is my NaNo about? It is a YA dystopian following Larch and Stone. I plan on using alternating points of view so it will be a challenge for me. Here's the basic info:

In 2015 Nuclear Holocaust came to the world. America eventually fell into a Totalitarian Dictatorship. An active Underground group tries to usurp the beloved Dictator at every turn.

Larch is seventeen years old and carries a secret that even she doesn't know- she is the only successfully cloned human in the world. Her uncle, the Dictator, will keep her safe at all costs.

The Underground wants her. The failures of the cloning program live amoungst the Underground with the Scientist who created them - and Larch. Larch holds the key to the future of these clones deep in her DNA.

Stone, one of those sworn to protect her, is working for the Underground and his father - the Scientist. What began as a simple mission to help the Underground changes as Stone comes to realize the complications of Larch - she is as human as he.

So that's it. My next Teaser Tuesdays will come from this. Here's hoping I make it :-)


  1. I had my own NaNo back in October, and I did 50,000 in 25 days. I'm doing 2,000 words a day, and it's going along successfully, save for the obvious bad writing that is going to need a serious overhaul for the re-write. But my course load for college is rather light. The only class I'm really studying for is pre-modern world history. Might not be the case next semester.

  2. Ah, the bad writing I understand. It's driving me crazy not to edit. I have a feeling re-writing will be hard.


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