MEADOW is a YA paranormal fantasy starring Alexandria and her family. There is a prophecy about her and she has no idea what the meaning of the prophecy is. She struggles to fit into modern day and still stay loyal to her family, while she avoids a group of humans intent on the destruction of her race. Plus it has dragons, I love dragons. This is being rewritten as MG, possibly first person. Still not hearing a great voice.

JUDGEMENT is a YA contemporary following a boy who seems to have it all but is abused. He finally meets someone who sees his hurt and he can be himself around, but their friendship is tested when his dad attacks her. This finding yourself story tackles issues such as illegal aliens, bullying, corrupt politics and has a nice who-done-it murder. It is currently at 12K.

LARCH is a YA sci-fi dystopian which follows Larch and Stone. They must figure out secrets and in the process save each other. It has a crazy scientist, perverted dictator and clones. It is complete.

A LITTLE TOO LATE is a YA contemp starring Lillian. Lillian is your basic good girl who is warped by religion. This is her story of finding herself and how she handles unexpected pregnancy, a dangerous new guy, an absent father and a crazy mother. It has 13K.

MOUNTAIN ESCAPE is my newest SNI.  It follows Adahlyn who gets in trouble and is sent away for the Summer to a rustic mountain retreat to work with her aunt and uncle.  It's a YA contemp and follows her path of redemption. So far I've made it to 16K and am focusing on it.
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