Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whoa, it's been how long?

This is my super-de-dooper mutt. Isn't she beeyoutiful?

Wow. I was just reading my writing buddy's blog when I saw where she gave me an award, and I clicked the link...and realized I haven't blogged since October. Which means I missed two whole months. And gained three followers. Dude...that's cool. The followers part, not the non-blogging part.

But a lot of stuff has happened in my life, and I've been super busy. I think we all get super busy at certain times. The past few months have flown by, and I've actually been writing again. One of my writing goals is to query a new project by the end of February. Why? Because the last thing I queried was Feb. a year ago. And it still has at least one full out there, so, I need to write the synop and query a few other agents for it. But in the meantime, I've a great ghost story going, which I adore, and am still plugging away on the mountain mani I started a few months ago. Plus, there's the pregnancy mani and the murder mystery. Oh yeah, my first book, which went to only eight agents (I figured it really sucked and needed fixing) which I'm re-writing as a MG.

That's a lot of WIPs. So, my betas who have ME...get me some pages, women! And those two beta projects I have, well, I am working on them. Had a family thing come up and am out of town. Plus, there's the birthday party for the Hubmeister coming up in less than a week. Why am I writing this disjointed post? I need to see in black and white (okay, green and white) what I'm working towards. Maybe it'll hold me accountable, cause one of these days I'll have deadlines and my hobby will become a job. When I get my super-awesome agent and cool editor. And book deal. ;-)

I have a shelf full of books so I'll have to do a giveaway soon, so check back. I may actually post.
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