Saturday, April 10, 2010

My big screw-up

Okay, I don't discuss agencies or who I query. Never! Ever!! Ever!!!

Well, until now.

There is this certain agency where a no from one equals a no from all. Which means I had to really think about who to query there. I thought for a looooong time. In fact for my first manuscript, I didn't even query with them because I couldn't make up my mind. They're all great.

Well, I read this awesome book and saw the agent. And then I read this other awesome book and saw the agent, and guess what...they had the same agent, at this agency where I couldn't make up my mind. And they were both on the edge of YA in a certain, um, relationship way. And since I have a certain, um, relationship thingy in mine (why yes, I am a prude) and that relationship went where it should (yes it embarrasses me and no I can't say the s-word) I decided that agent may not make me take that out - the, um, stuff, if I was chosen to be represented.

So, I sent my query to this agent. Umm, did I say that I was kinda sick at the time? That I was taking Ibuprofen? And maybe had a little-teensy-weensy drink too? No? I didn't say that? Well, it is la verdad (the truth).

I copied my query into a new mail thingy (yes, I love the word thingy) and had the Dear Ms. and then nothing. And guess what! I sent it. With no name. This is how I felt:

I literally wanted to cry because out of all that thinking and waiting, I screw up. To make matters worse, I began a small e-mail exchange with one of the other agents at that agency, and I realized how awesome this other agent is. Which just went to verify my thought that all the agents there are great.

So what to do, what to do...

I think I will bang my head against the wall and do nothing but get ready for OPWFTs move to our new home. Oops, was I not supposed to say that?!?


  1. HAHA, I love the pic! What a sad panda face. And we've all had screwup moments, so don't beat yourself up!

    Take care!

  2. Query mistakes happen all the time. Usually, agents are good about overlooking them.

  3. Ugh. I hate when stuff like this happens. You just want the ability to un-send email! But it'll be all right. Just press on. :-)

    Also: what a picture! Haha.

  4. I think I know which agency you're referring to. I also antagonized over my decision and then regretted which agent I'd chosen to query. Oh well there's always the next book right? (This is what I keep telling myself.)

    Also I have screwed up some queries. Some where I skipped a word saying things like "according to your submission guidelines inserted blah pages." and then in others I wrote a page number that was a different agencies guideline, but inserted the correct number of pages...

  5. It's hard to customize all queries to the agent's preferences. I check and recheck so many times and knew as soon as I hit send that I didn't put her name there. I think I seriously slapped my forehead and let a string of expletives out.

  6. I of course would send a funny little email "ha ha I can't believe I did that, since you are my DREAM agent and wipe the ground with every other agent... and arent' I witty... will you rep me... I really do know your name. I wasn't just spamming queries, really!"

    Or not.

    I'll slap my forehead for you.

    Oh and SEX *insert evil laugh here*

  7. Oh what a sad faced picture! I'm sure the agent will understand--it must happen every now and then!
    I've actually done this before, by the way, and felt like an idiot.


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