Friday, March 26, 2010

Deb is a bad influence - my rhyming query.

I so do not have time for this but am inspired by Houndrat, aka my friend Debra Driza. I do not have an agent and this is just the best, super-de-doopty idea evah. If I don't get an agent with this query, well, then, they just don't have the same amount of class that have :D cause I'm just the absolute coolest - I'm da bomb!

Yo Dude,

I wrote a book about clones
And their little brother Stone.
It has a really cool sat phone
If you ever need to call home.

Well Stone wants Larch.
Also a clone, that's not a farce
She doesn't know about her heart
If it belongs to Stone or the old fart.

So give me your cell
Cause my book you're gonna sell
And when it does we'll ring a bell
Or go out and raise some hell

And if you think I'm a little crazy
Have a drink till life becomes hazy
Go out and pick a daisy
Or don't if you're a little lazy.

Yep, that's sure to get me an agent real fast. You can also read some of my inspiration here

Disclaimer: the person who wrote this is under the influence of Hangar One Vodka. If you are an agent, please do not listen to anything she has to say. She actually does know how to write a query, she's just under the inspirational influence of two OPWFT bloggers. She's just a tad loopy - and has a husband who needs her in the car now!


  1. Dude, I think yours beats mine ink down on randomness alone--LOVE IT! :D

    And pssst, here's a little secret: I'm probably not the best role model! Shocking, huh? :D :D

  2. Thanks, and Deb, it doesn't shock me but I still look up to you. If only I can one day be as cool as you :) And yours totally rocked as far as your novel, so much better than mine.

  3. i want your query!! i want it for my contest!! enter! enterrrrrr :D :D

  4. ...interestingly funny..haha!!!:P


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