Friday, January 22, 2010

The Craziness of Writers

I think writer's brains are a little different from the regular population. Well, actually I think all artists brains differ, but maybe that is just my hope since my brain is different.

For example, I live in my character's world. The other day I was driving home from the dentist and a minor character in JUDGEMENT became a major character and a total bitch. She and the MC got into it because she wanted him and he didn't want her. She went as far as attacking him in the hallway and he shoved her into the wall while his LI watched. Talk about a mess. I made notes to write that scene.

There are other times too that can be rather embarrassing. Two weeks ago, in a fancy grocery store, I saw a man who was at least a foot taller than me and built like my MC, Stone. I stalked him through the grocery store picturing him as Stone and me as Larch and tried to figure out exactly where Larch's head would be when she hugged Stone. The man caught me staring and smiled at me. I could have melted into the floor, I was so embarrassed - probably blushed too. Who knows what he thought.

Some days when my husband comes home, I meet him at the door jumping up and down. "You won't believe what Stone did today!" He looks at me, gives me a kiss and says, "What did Stone do this time?" His tone is a little exasperated, a little amused and a little patient.

I was watching a movie in the theater when I went searching in my purse for my notebook and pen. My husband looked at me in confusion. I realized from a scene in the movie that I never described the elevator in my WIP and needed to quickly make notes about what it looked like so I could add it in when I returned home.

And my friends? They've stopped asking me how the writing is going because I talk about my characters as if they are real. And you know what - they are. Maybe that makes me crazy, but I really don't care because I am part of a group that is just like me. Are you crazy?


  1. You are so cute!!! I LOVE that you stalked someone through the grocery store.
    I do strange things sometimes to. Like, I've felt my own arm to try and think about what it feels like when someone (non-sexually) touches you.
    And sometimes, it's just more fun to be driving places if you get lost in your characters and what they're doing.

  2. haha, yes. Luckily my friends think it's endearing ... and those of them who've read my book talk about the characters like they're real, too :)

  3. I love you stalking Stone in the grocery store. I think you should have asked him if you could hug him to see what it's like.

    I agree... writers are crazy. I think we have to be to tangle our selves so thoroughly in another world.

  4. If you're crazy then hey I am crazy, too. I believe our characters are real and that a writers mind is very different from the rest of the population.

    Awesome post.

  5. Haha. This post is so true. Unless you're a writer, you just won't get our strangeness.

  6. awwww, that is just so cute and adorable about the grocery store!

  7. Awesome post! So true! And I am crazy. More like Krazy Karla with a K!

    This is an old post, so I hope you catch this comment . . . but

    I gave you shiny awards on my blog!


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