Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to give everyone a view into my dystopian society or fluff from Stone and Larch, so I chose the latter since I am a romantic and it was kissing day yesterday. I have been filling in spots that needed relationship building and world building and finally got around to writing the first kiss, after I wrote several later kisses. I'm glad I waited because Larch surprised me.

In this scene Larch and Stone have fought with fighting sticks and she was really mad. The guards watched the entire thing. Larch's POV.

“You have literally beat the shit outta me Princess.” Stone said as he pressed my body into the wall. “Do you have any more aggression you want to take out on me, cause I can take it.”

I looked at the blood running down his face and the bruises already forming on the exposed skin of his arms. I saw the guards looking intently at us, they were no longer laughing, instead they looked scared. Stone and I were both breathing hard and at that moment, I didn’t care if he hated me, nor did I care if he would push me away because I was going to do what I wanted to do.

I let go of my stick and it clattered to the floor. My hands grabbed Stone’s shirt while his eyes narrowed in contemplation, like he was preparing to defend himself once more, but before he could move or lower the stick that anchored me to the wall, I surged forward as if I was being pushed from the wall by some unseen force, dragged him to me and kissed him.

Lips met lips and an electrical current moved from me into him or him into me, I didn’t know which but I did know that it was earth-shattering. His eyes widened and he dropped his stick, grabbed the back of my head, burying his hands in my hair and dragged me closer, until I didn’t know where I stopped and he began.

Cat-calls sounded and he broke off abruptly, but his hands were still buried in my hair.

“Wow,” he said and I thought that just about summed it up.


  1. AWWWWW.

    That was sweet, and hot and SMEEXY!

  2. <3's Stone and Larch! Think I read this on FNW or MDW.

    This was such a sweet scene. LOVE the last line.

  3. I love that they just finished fighting and now the kiss is described a little like a fight-- very clever. And awesome. And spicy.

  4. Even though I liked the kiss, I think the beginning was even sexier. I mean they just beat the shit out of each of other and they're on each other breathing hard. Ah, I loved it. It was hot (and I love when fighting leads to sexy time).

  5. Aww...love this. Reminds me of Buffy and Spike, or dozen other hot couples. Love how he's totally not expecting it too. Very well done!

  6. Loved that first line from Stone!

    And this is pulsating with sexual tension. Awesome!

  7. Wowwww - loved it. And I loved that Larch made the first move - so aggressive!

  8. AMAZING! This sounds amazing, Jenn! Loved the tension here.

  9. Awesome tension! And the kiss was INTENSE!

    Great teaser!

  10. Wow, that was a very hot kiss. Seriously, the parallels between them kissing and fighting were pretty awesome and added a lot of tension.

    Loved the last line, btw. Such a good way to round off the kiss :)

  11. Ah I love it! My heart is pounding, so hot.

    Thanks so much for the comment love

  12. This has a "Maze Runner" or "Hunger Games" feel to it -- in a good way! Nicely done as always.


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