Friday, June 3, 2011

Divergent Faction-of-the-Week Challenge

So, I completely missed Amity and I must say I'd probably have rocked that one. The next week was Candor, and to be honest, I don't know that I would've done well with that week, because I can't be honest with myself, so how can I be honest with others?

But, this past week was Erudite and I was at the beach on vacation. First, I need to say I never really liked this faction. From day one, when it was named something different, (and a name I really didn't think much of because of Barbie) I didn't like the faction. I saw annoying Steve Erkle from Family Matters every time I read the name. Plus, they were kinda bad anyway. Then, in a later version of DIVERGENT, I decided I really needed to read it again because I might see the faction differently. Embarrassingly, the final version of DIVERGENT is still on my shelf. Well, actually two of them are on my shelf and I haven't read it yet. (Sorry, V)

So, Erudite. I love learning. In fact, I get so obsessed with a topic that I'll study everything I can on the subject. And then poor Hubby gets the entire condensed version of whatever it is I'm obsessed with at the moment. I don't think I'd fit into this faction, not only because I didn't like it, but because while I love learning, I don't want to do it all the time.

Another faction fail.

Can't wait for Dauntless, since this is where the test puts me, and from the first mention of them jumping off the train, as Tris longingly looks at them, I fell in love.


  1. Hehe, I definitely belong in Erudite. I'd take it now, in fact. Have someone pay all my bills so that I can spend my days learning, reading, studying, discovering? Where do I sign?

  2. Yes, bring on Dauntless! It will be fun to try it out for the week, though it's not the faction I would choose. I think after Amity, Erudite is where I'd feel most comfortable--at least if evil psycho lady and her cronies were no longer in charge. With her around, I would want to be well away from her safely in Amity. I do love learning, though, and could happily devote my days to reading and discovering new things.

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