Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book review: Firelight

I'm at the beach with two of my crit partners and one them brought a bunch of ARCs with her and Firelight was one of them. Don't worry though, it has been released so you can rush out and buy it.

First, the cover. I'm so shallow, I'll admit it. I do buy a book because of it's cover and this one is awesome. It's so puurty.

My first book has dragons in it so I've always had this fondness for them, and here is a book about a girl who is a dragon, strike that, a draki. It starts off in the very beginning with a nice action scene and she gets to meet the LI.

The voice is very nice. I did tire a little of the inner monologue about how her dragon is dying but if I were this girl, I would worry constantly about it too, therefore I understand. And that's just a thing about me, I get bored so easily. The supporting characters were developed nicely.

The love interest, Will, is so hot. He's got the whole thing about him where he hunts her kind and doesn't date the girls in school and then in comes Jacinda and he's drawn to her, which is familiar and I was about to be disappointed until it was all explained. Then I wiped the imaginary sweat off of my brow in relief. It was very believable and didn't go all emo.

The ending leaves a lot open for the next book. All in all I enjoyed this and devoured it in one sitting. I definitely recommend it. And let me add in a small note-I could tell with the love scenes that a writer of adult books wrote it and as an adult, I really liked that part of it. So thanks, Ms. Jordan for wanting to write a YA.


  1. I just got this one and I can't wait to read it. And don't feel bad about judging a book by it's cover...perfectly natural! I do it all the time :) Of course, it has come back to bite me in the a** a few times (I avoided reading the Vampire Academy books for a long time because of the covers, and when I finally picked one up I was like...but these are AWESOME!), but it's just more pressure to make publishers provide us with gorgeous things to look at :)

  2. This sounds good!! I had an outline once for an adult book about a guy who is a dragon and he inadvertently finds a girl who is the last surviving female of his race - I never really knew if anyone wrote a book about a "dragon" species of human so it's really interesting to come across this one. My guy had a fascination with hot peppers!! Doubt that story will ever get written, but I'll have to pick this up. thanks for the review!!

  3. I agree. this one is amazing! And I am just like you I buy books because of covers!=) Firelight is all around amazing!!=)

    Here is my review:


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