Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday - Styles of the 80's - 90's

Silly bandz. Very much in style. My children wear them, trade them, and give 'em away. My piano student got really excited when she saw me wearing four (given to me by my kids) I'm in style :)

When I was their age there were several things in style that I just had to have. A swatch watch, converses hightops - in yellow, jelly bracelets, bangle bracelets - I jingled like mad when I moved my arm and a bracelet like this charm bracelet:

I was allowed to start wearing make-up during the late 80's. I think I probably looked like a clown: Blue shadow on my lid with pink shadow above it, and colored mascara. I had pink, blue, green and my favorite: yellow. Oh my, and the metallic pink lipstick. And my hair. I had lots of bangs and I would curl them with the small curling iron and tease -yes, tease- then and spray the hell out of them with hairspray till the stood up about three inches and wouldn't move in a hurricane.

And the clothes. I had leggings, leg-warmers and lacy skirts from the 80's but the 90's were when wearing clothes for style became important. And what would I like? Grunge. T-shirts, no matter how ratty covered by men's flannel shirts paired with jeans - ripped, stained, didn't matter. I even had the black combat boots. My senior year in high school was my laziest year. I'd roll out of bed, throw on clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on decent make-up and pull the hair back into a ponytail. Took me less than ten minutes to get up and out the door. OMG, and ball caps. I wore them ALL the time along with a black felt hat I talked a guy out of. And another guy stole my hemp ball cap, but that was college that I'd confiscated from another guy. This style followed me to college.

Wow, that all brings back many memories, good memories. What was your style like in the 80's and 90's? Old enough to have one? Let us know. Here is the mother post.


  1. OMG! I have been thinking of those necklaces FOREVER! I couldn't remember what they were called, but I totally had one, and right now, the only charm I can remember was a frying pan! LMAO. Glad to see someone else had them. And those bracelets are HUGE even at high school. CRAZY how things come back, lol.

    Thanks for flashbacking and taking a stroll down amnesia lane!

  2. I think I ended up going grunge and staying that way. Still wear combat boots, ripped jeans and converse. Thankfully I've given up the flannel shirts though. Those I could do without. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. OMG I sooooo had one of those charm bracelets!!! *Sigh* I miss the old days. LOL

  4. I heart this post. I had rubber bracelets. And I was a plastic charm necklace fanatic. I couldn't wait to buy new charms with my allowance.

    I remember the early 90's and how low maintenance it was. My grungy classmates would brag about buying 25 cent t-shirts from thrift stores.

  5. I still have several of the plastic charm necklaces, in different colors, and all color-coordinated. They are in brand new condition, as they were never worn. I collected every charm I could find; they were everywhere back then. I also collected Swatch watches, and have 20 from 1985-1991, along with many Swatch guards. They all run fine, and I wear a different one every day. I even have a Members Only jacket, and lots of clothes from the 80s. I still wear all of them. I still wear banana clips in my hair. One never knows when something will become stylish again, so all my retro/.vintage stuff is kept in great condition.


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