Monday, June 14, 2010

Super-de-dooper book giveaway

I have 50 followers which means I have to do a book giveaway to celebrate. Obviously, this is a monumental achievement since I don't blog much! So here's what I'm offering:


The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong
Gone - Lisa McMann
Burned - PC Cast
Kiss of Death - Rachel Caine (paperback)

Non sequels:

Fallen - Lauren Kate
Beautiful - Amy Reed (this is one I picked up used so the dust jacket has some wear on it.

All you have to do is be a follower and comment to be entered. There will be extra points available. The goal here is to get MORE followers, even though I don't blog a whole lot, I've followed a ton of blogs to win books. I love books!

+3 for being an old follower
+1 for being a new follower
+1 every time you tweet
+1 if you link in any way on your own blog.

Please tally your points in your comments and also link when you tweet and blog. I will choose two winners using a computer generated randomizer. The first winner gets their top three picks and the runner-up gets the three that are left. This contest will close Friday, June 18 at 12:00 est. It is open to Internationals. Good luck!


  1. +3 for being an old follower (I assume you mean before the contest)
    +1 for tweeting

    Hee! I'm your first commenter, also! I might blog about your contest later in the week...

  2. +3 for being an old follower! :)

  3. I love contests!

    +3 because I'm an old, old follower. :D

  4. +3 old follower :D
    +1 tweeted (I RTed you so I don't know how to link it, but I swear I did it!)
    +1 blogged (

  5. +1 new follower

    +1 Tweet


  6. + 1 new follower
    + 1 linked on side bar

    I followed you from AW :)

    x drummergirl

  7. I'm a follower already :)
    Blogged, and I added you to my sidebar, though you didn't say we should, but I did anyway :)
    Tweeted too:

    Thats a total of 5 possibly 6 if you count the sidebar :D

  8. Hey Jenn! Awesome contest!

    +3 for being an old follower!

  9. +1 I'm a new follower!
    +1 I tweeted (
    +1 I blogged (

    Awesome giveawy!

  10. Tweeted again:
    So thats a total of 7

  11. +1 for being a new follower (not really sure why I wasn't following before...)
    +1 tweet

  12. Congrats on reaching 50 followers! Love the platter you're offering..:D

    +1 I'm a new follower (and I'm sticking around!)
    +1 I tweeted (
    +1 Linked to my blog sidebar (

    Thanks :))

  13. +3 for being an old follower
    +1 every time you tweet

    I want books!!! :D

  14. Congrats on 61 followers!
    +1 New follower
    +1 Tweeted-
    +1 Sidebar link- (under 'Contests' in the right sidebar)

    I want the books please!! *begs*

  15. +1 I Tweeted again-

    So desperately want to win this!

  16. +1 I Tweeted again-

  17. +1 Another Tweet-

    Total=6(till now)

  18. +1 Yes! Another Tweet-

  19. I Tweeted again-
    Total-7 entries

  20. +1 Tweeted again-

    Blame my poor math I calculated my total number of entries wrong! 9 entries in all :)

  21. +1 I Tweeted.....yet again!

    9+1=10 entries now

  22. Fantastic giveaway, I'm a new follower!


  23. I Tweeted for the last time....

    11 entries net!

  24. Contest is closed. Thanks for all of the retweets!!! I will tally and put in randomizer tomorrow. Winners to be announced no later than tomorrow night :D

    Thanks again!

  25. And the winners are...Cheyenne and Cory! I wish I had something for everyone who entered this, but I don't have that much spare cash. Send me an e-mail so we can work things out.

    Thanks again to everyone and I will be doing another giveaway again.

  26. Thanks for the contest, I just found your blog so I am a new follow but I will definitely be dropping by from now on.


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